The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Area Council and Annual General Meeting


Council meets four times a year to obtain the opinions and input from all Clubs in the Area via their delegates.

The corresponding National Committee is the "National Advisory Council" where all 21 Area Chairmen are delegates.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual meeting to report the past year's activities and appoint Area Officers.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes Status
CouncilMonday, 4th February 2019Minutes190204Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 12th November 2018Minutes181112Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 2nd July 2018Minutes180702Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 23rd April 2018Minutes180423Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 12th February 2018Minutes180212Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 13th November 2017Minutes171113Council.pdfApproved
AGMThursday, 5th October 2017Minutes171005AGMDraft.pdfDraft
CouncilMonday, 3rd July 2017Minutes170703Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 8th May 2017Minutes170508Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 13th February 2017Minutes170213Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 14th November 2016Minutes161114Council.pdfApproved
AGMThursday, 6th October 2016Minutes161006AGM.pdfApproved
CouncilWednesday, 27th July 2016Minutes160727Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 23rd May 2016Minutes160523Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 15th February 2016Minutes160215Council.pdfApproved
CouncilMonday, 2nd November 2015Minutes151102Council.pdfApproved
AGMThursday, 1st October 2015Minutes151001AGM.pdfApproved