The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Cheshire Area Officers


The Area Officers manage the area on a voluntary basis on behalf of the members.

L-R: Chris Middleton (Retired), Morag McCord (Secretary), Carol Black (Retired), Sharon Nolan (Retired), Nicky Wylie (Chairman), Catherine Bower (Publicity), Chris Gibbons (1st Vice Chairman)
Office Holder Role
Area President Val Seed Ceremonial role representing the Area as required, including chairing the A.G.M. Held for two years, usually by the retiring Chairman.
Area Chairman Nicky Wylie Responsible for the operation of the Area.
Chairs meetings of Officers, F.&G.P. and Council. Represents the Area at National Advisory Council.
Role held for two years and then succeeded by ...
First Vice Chairman Chris Gibbons Supports the Chairman as necessary.
Chairs meetings of J.D.S.&E. Committee.
Also sits for two years and is succeeded by ...
Second Vice Chairman Louise Jones Supports the Chairman and First Vice Chairman as necessary and learns their roles and functions.
Chairs meetings of the Social Committee.
Also sits for two years.
Treasurer Tracy-Anne Clancy Adminsters Area finances and accounts, including insurance, and monitors area assets and equipment.
Length of tenure not defined.
Secretary Morag McCord Manages the administrative matters of the Area.
Length of tenure not defined.
Publicity Officer Catherine Bower Aims to raise the profile of the Cheshire Area of NAFAS by working with Area and Club Officers, members and outside organisations and hence increase its membership. Chairs the Publicity Team.
Length of tenure not defined.

The Officers can be contacted via our Contact page.