The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Autumn 2014 How-to


Using a Supermarket Bunch & Foliage From the Garden

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own distinctive arrangement.

Provided by Pat Murphy.

Requirements - part 1:

  • Tall container
  • Square plastic dish
  • A block of floral foam
  • 2 plastic frogs
  • Oasis fix
Step 1
Step 2

Requirements - part 2:

  • Supermarket bunch –
    • 3 Chrysanthemum blooms
    • 5 Mini Gerberas
    • 2 Spray Chrysanthemums
  • 3 stems of contorted Willow
  • Bergenia cordifolia leaves
  • A few stems of Viburnum opulus, Leycesteria formosa, Cotinus coggyria and Choisya ternata

Shape the floral foam to fit the plastic dish leaving at least 4 cm above the rim.

Whilst the floral foam is soaking in water, fix the two plastic frogs to the base of the plastic square dish with Oasis fix. Press the floral foam down firmly onto the frogs and place the dish in the tall container.

Start the design by inserting the 3 stems of contorted willow into the foam, adding the Viburnum opulus to the left side and Leycesteria formosa to the right. To the front add the Bergenia cordifolia leaves and to the back Cotinus coggyria.

Step 3
Step 4

Strip the leaves from the Chrysanthemum blooms and position these towards the front and middle of the design.

Insert two mini Gerberas vertically following the line of the tall willow. Place two to the left and one to the right.

Place the yellow Spray Chrysanthemums to the middle and rear of the design grouping them quite close to the floral foam. Insert small pieces of Choisya ternata to mask any floral foam not covered.

Finally place two squashes or gourds at the bottom of the container to bring the colour to the base.

This design could also just be done in the plastic square dish if a tall container was not available.