The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Spring 2014 How-to


Table Centre for Spring Using a Posy Pad

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own distinctive arrangement.

Provided by Diane Fair.


Pick a selection of foliage from the garden with good contrasting foliage ie. Buxus, Hebe, Hedera, Heuchera.

Purchase a stem of mini cymbidium orchid.

Other spring flowers from the garden can be used if available ie.Helebore-choose ones with their seed heads.

Muscari, small tulips, hyaciths or similar can be used.

Condition in water for at least 2hours.

Choose some flexible bear stems of willow, rubus,Flexigrass or midilino sticks.

Step 1

Wet a green floral foam posy pad.

Wrap a phomium tenax or other strong straight leaf around the outside.

Attach with decorative pins.

Cover some small plastic test tubes with wool and attach a piece of aluminium wire.

Step 2
Step 3

Slant cut the flexible stems into lengths with sharp scissors and arrange in loops around the outside of the posy pad.

Arrange foliages in groups placing smooth leaves next to rough textured foliage.

Step 4

Place the covered test tubes at regular intervals around the outside of the posy pad using the wire to secure into the foam.

Fill tubes with water and place single heads of Cymbidium into each one.

A cage can be created in the centre with flexible stems or a nest can be made.

Continue adding flowers and foliage until surface is covered.

Step 5
Step 6

Place finished design on a large plate or tray and keep moist by spraying with water.