The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Summer 2015 How-to


A design from a workshop with Geertje Stienstra, Master Florist from Holland

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own distinctive arrangement.

Provided by Diane Fair.


  • Half polystyrene sphere - 30cms diameter
  • Wall paper paste
  • Handmade paper
  • Bendy stems of willow or Rubus tricolor
  • 5 small calla lilies
  • 5 stems Ornithogalum thyrsoides
  • 5-7 pieces typha grass
  • Coloured aluminium wire
  • 5-7 pieces typha grass
Step 2

Cut the edge of the sphere with a carving knife to create a smooth edge.

Remove a little polystyrene from the curved base of the sphere to enable it to stand.

Rip the sheet of handmade paper into strips.

Paste each strip on both sides with wall paper paste and smooth each piece onto the polystyrene until no polystyrene can be seen.

Leave to dry on a wire cake tray.

Step 3
Step 4

When the paper is dry place a small dish of floral foam in the bowl.

Gently bend and manipulate the flowers and other stems around the bowl with the cut ends placed into the floral foam and secure with a pearl headed pin through the stem.

Use some of the leaves from the rubus to cover any remaining floral foam visible in the base of the bowl

Spirals of aluminium wire can be added above the plant material.

Step 5
Step 4

This design was originally seen at our Area Members day in May when Geertje visited England for the first time.