The Cheshire Area of NAFAS

Spring 2017 How-to



Designed by Pam Fleming-Williams.

You will need:

  • Three ivy leaves
  • A rose or a carnation
  • A few sprigs of something dainty
  • Stub wires
  • Silver rose wires
  • Waxed tape or stemtex
Step 1
Step 2

Cut the ivy leaf stem to about 1.5cm. Stitch a rose wire through the back of each ivy leaf, on either side of the main rib. Bring both ends of the wire down parallel with the stem and wind one leg of the wire around the stem and the other wire to create a false stem.

Wrap the leaf stems and the wires with waxed tape or stemtex to seal them.

Step 3
Step 4

Cut the stem of the rose or carnation short and insert a length of stub wire.

Take two rose wires and pierce the calyx at right angles.

Step 5
Step 6

Bring the rose wires down and wrap round the stub wire. Seal with waxed tape as before.

Prepare a few pieces of dainty materials to complement the rose. Now you’re ready to put it all together.

Step 7
Step 8

First wrap the covered wires of the three ivy leaves around each other to create a unit.

The largest leaf should be at the back with the other two on either side, slightly lower, so they can be manipulated by means of the sewn wires.

Assemble the rose head and the other ingredients. At this stage, wrap the whole of the false stem in another layer of waxed tape.

Tweak the ivy leaves so that they cup the flower.

Step 9
Step 10

Finally, add a pin. Mist with water to keep fresh and keep cool until needed.