2023 Cheshire Area Show at the Royal Cheshire County Show Results

A general view of the Theatre of Flowers at the 2023 Royal Cheshire Show, incorporating the Cheshire Area Show
A general view of the Theatre of Flowers
(photo taken by Pam Mosedale)

Award Winning Arrangements

Photos of the Class Award Winners and entries are displayed on individual class pages, which you can access from the F1 - F15 blue links below.

*Photographs and details of the Special Award Winning Arrangements can be found here and Award Presentations here.

F1 - "Helter Skelter" | F2 - "Stark Contrast" | F3 - "Diamonds are Forever" | F4 - "Bees & Butterflies" | F5 - "Picture This" | F7 - "Caged in" | F8 - "Converging Lines" | F9 - "Framed" | F10 - "Entwined" | F11 - "Nature’s Restful Mood" | F12 - "Tapestry" | F14 - "Circles of Mystery" | F15 - "Round the World"

Results in each class.

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No Name Name Club Place
F1 7 Helter Skelter Joan Wilkinson Goostrey 2nd
F1 9 Helter Skelter Elaine Wood & Shirley Vance New Brighton 3rd
F1 21 Helter Skelter Denise Hubbard & Joan Quinland Goostrey 1st
F2 3 Stark Contrast Gillian Jackson Frodsham Highly Commended
F2 7 Stark Contrast Joan Wilkinson Goostrey Very Highly Commended
F2 11 Stark Contrast Pat Murphy Tarporley Highly Commended
F2 12 Stark Contrast Jane Tully West Shropshire 1st
F2 14 Stark Contrast Louise Jones New Brighton Commended
F2 17 Stark Contrast Janet Schofield Lymm Commended
F2 20 Stark Contrast Gill Davies Lymm Very Highly Commended
F2 23 Stark Contrast Lillie Gradell Knutsford Commended
F2 26 Stark Contrast Heather Hayes Bolton 3rd
F2 25 Stark Contrast Heather Bateson Disley Commended
F2 21 Stark Contrast Denise Hubbard Goostrey 2nd
F3 8 Diamonds are Forever Shirley Vance New Brighton 2nd
F3 10 Diamonds are Forever Ann Shevlin New Brighton 1st
F3 9 Diamonds are Forever Elaine Wood New Brighton Commended
F3 22 Diamonds are Forever Eileen Fantom Upton-By-Chester Commended
F3 24 Diamonds are Forever John Fallon Wilmslow Commended
F3 30 Diamonds are Forever Rosalind Brownbridge Wilmslow Guild Commended
F3 33 Diamonds are Forever Elizabeth Cooke  Tarvin 3rd
F3 39 Diamonds are Forever Ailsa Buchanan Wirral Life Long Learning Very Highly Commended
F3 41 Diamonds are Forever Jane Graham   Highly Commended
F4 2 Bees and Butterflies Ingrid Siddall Winwick Commended
F4 4 Bees and Butterflies Ann France Winwick 2nd
F4 7 Bees and Butterflies Joan Wilkinson Goostrey 1st
F4 19 Bees and Butterflies Colette Dunkley New Brighton Highly Commended
F4 25 Bees and Butterflies Heather Bateson Disley Commended
F4 20 Bees and Butterflies Gill Davies Lymm 3rd
F4 30 Bees and Butterflies Rosalind Brownbridge Wilmslow Guild Very Highly Commended
F5 1 Picture this Karen Clegg Lymm 3rd
F5 6 Picture this Dorothy Monks Knutsford 1st
F5 8 Picture this Shirley Vance New Brighton Very Highly Commended
F5 9 Picture this Elaine Wood New Brighton 2nd
F5 22 Picture this Eileen Fantom Upton-By-Chester  
F5 23 Picture this Lillie Gradell Knutsford  
F5 31 Picture this Marina Ashton New Brighton  
F7 3 Caged in Gillian Jackson Frodsham 2nd
F7 11 Caged in Pat Murphy Tarporley Commended
F7 13 Caged in Debbie Davies Formby 3rd
F7 18 Caged in Arthur McDonald Halifax Very Highly Commended
F7 19 Caged in Colette Dunkley New Brighton 1st
F7 32 Caged in Carol Chia Tarporley Highly Commended
F8 5 Converging Lines Eleanor Griffiths Frodsham 2nd
F8 17 Converging Lines Janet Schofield Lymm 3rd
F8 20 Converging Lines Gill Davies Lymm Commended
F8 22 Converging Lines Eileen Fantom Upton-By-Chester Commended
F8 18 Converging Lines Arthur McDonald Halifax 1st
F9 6 Framed Dorothy Monks Knutsford 1st
F9 35 Framed Carol Baker Frodsham 2nd
F9 37 Framed Sylvia Bower Disley 3rd
F10 6 Entwined Dorothy Monks Knutsford Commended
F10 16 Entwined Shiona Fosh Sale Very Highly Commended
F10 2 Entwined Ingrid Siddall Winwick 3rd
F10 21 Entwined Denise Hubbard Goostrey Commended
F10 25 Entwined Heather Bateson Disley Very Highly Commended
F10 31 Entwined Marina Ashton New Brighton Commended
F10 32 Entwined Carol Chia Tarporley 2nd
F10 5 Entwined Eleanor Griffiths Frodsham 1st
F10 41 Entwined Jane Graham   Commended
F11 3 Natures restful mood Gillian Jackson Frodsham 2nd
F11 6 Natures restful mood Dorothy Monks Knutsford 1st
F11 8 Natures restful mood Shirley Vance New Brighton Commended
F11 14 Natures restful mood Louise Jones New Brighton Commended
F11 29 Natures restful mood Jenny Williams Wilmslow Commended
F11 34 Natures restful mood Ken Hough Saddleworth 3rd
F12 4 Tapestry Ann France Winwick Very Highly Commended
F12 6 Tapestry Dorothy Monks Knutsford Highly Commended
F12 7 Tapestry Joan Wilkinson Goostrey  
F12 11 Tapestry Pat Murphy Tarporley 1st
F12 15 Tapestry Pam Fleming-Williams Neston 3rd
F12 17 Tapestry Janet Schofield Lymm Very Highly Commended
F12 34 Tapestry Ken Hough Saddleworth  
F12 33 Tapestry Elizabeth Cooke Ashton Haines Tarvin Commended
F12 37 Tapestry Sylvia Bower Disley 2nd
F14 1 Circles of mystery Karen Clegg Lymm Highly Commended
F14 5 Circles of mystery Eleanor Griffiths Frodsham 2nd
F14 35 Circles of mystery Carol Baker Frodsham 3rd
F14 34 Circles of mystery Ken Hough Saddleworth 1st
F15 14/15 Round the world Debbie Davies\Louise Jones Formby\New Brighton 1st
F15 37 Round the world Sylvia Bower Disley 2nd
F15 35/10 Round the world Carol Baker\Ann Shevlin Frodsham 3rd


Special Awards

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The Lowe Trophy  - Best Individual exhibit in the show - Jane Tully (Class F2 - Stark Contrast).

The Jack Hamlyn Trophy  - Runner up to best individual exhibit in the show - Arthur McDonald (Class F8 - Converging Lines).

‘The Perpetual Liverpool Festival Goblet for the Cheshire Area Member of NAFAS with the most points - Dorothy Monks
(Class F11 - Nature’s Restful Mood).

Margaret A Taylor Trophy  - Best use of garden plant material in any class - Dorothy Monks (Class F11 - Nature’s Restful Mood).

Norie Eve Memorial Trophy  - Best use of colour in any class - Debbie Davies and Louise Jones (Class 15 - Round the World).

Mary Shaw Award - Best exhibit in class F12 a committee gift to the winner, kindly sponsored by Sue Jackson - Pat Murphy (Class F12 - Tapestry).

Stonier Trophy - People’s choice - Joan Wilkinson (F12 - Tapestry).

Perpetual Challenge Trophy – First place for Novice and also receives a year’s subscription to the Flower Arranger - Ann Shevlin (Class F3 - Diamonds Are Forever).