2022 Cheshire Area Show at the Royal Cheshire County Show Results

Theatre of Flowers entrance
Photos of the Class Award Winners are displayed on individual pages, which you can access from the blue links below.

Note: Underneath the blue links there is a full list of all the award winners.

F1 - "Material World" | F2 - "Invention" | F3 - "Have a go at the Cheshire Show – novice class" | F4 - "Flight of Fantasy – petite class" | F5 - "Fabrication – imposed class" | F6 - "Construction" | F7 - "Hidden Depths" | F8 - "Illusion" | F9 - "It’ll Come in Handy" | F10 - "Verdigris" | F11 - "Concoction – still life class" | F12 - "3D – craft class" | F14 - "Defying Gravity – virtual class".

*Photographs of the Special Award Winners and presentations can be viewed together on a separate page here.
*Special Awards


The Lowe Trophy  - Best Individual exhibit in the show.

Louise Jones in F8

The Jack Hamlyn Trophy  - Runner up to best individual exhibit in the show.

Eleanor Griffiths in F6

Margaret A Taylor Trophy  - Best use of garden plant material in any class

Ingrid Sidall in F10

Norie Eve Memorial Trophy  - Best use of colour in any class.

Eleanor Griffiths in F9

Mary Shaw Award - Best craft,  a committee gift to the winner, kindly sponsored by Sue Jackson

Heather Bateson in F2

People’s Choice (voted for by visitors to the show) Stonier Challenge Trophy

Wirral Life Long Learning

John Platt Trophy for a team display

Wirral Life Long Learning

Perpetual Challenge Trophy (winner of the novice class) and the Flower Arranger Award (a year's subscription of the FA for the winner of the novice class).

Lille Gradel

Padgate Silver Award for best innovation

Janet Schofield in F6

Perpetual petite challenge – winner of the petite class

Ingrid Siddall


Class winners

VHC = very highly commended          HC = highly commended        C = commended





Material world

1st Arthur McDonald
2nd Denise Hubbard / Joy Leithwood
3rd Eleanor Griffiths / Gill Jackson
HC Sylvia Bower / Sue Mansfield
C Dorothy Monks
C Ann Houghton / Jackie Reid



1st Heather Bateson
2nd Mary Moss
3rd Pat Murphy
VHC Dawn Weaver
HC Maria Smith
C Gill Jackson
C Gill Davies


Have a go at the Cheshire Show – novice class

1st Lillie Gradel
2nd Ann Shevlin
3rd Elaine Wood
VHC Shirley Vance
HC Susan Smith
HC Carol Proudfoot


Flight of Fantasy – petite class

1st Ingrid Sidall
2nd Ann France
3rd Shiona Fosh
VHC Gill Davies
HC Colette Dunkley
C Lorraine Dorsett


Fabrication – imposed class

1st Sharon Nolan
2nd Anne Williams
3rd Dorothy Monks
VHC Pat Murphy
VHC Janet Schofield
HC Karen Clegg
HC Anne Russell
C Eileen Fantom



1st Eleanor Griffiths
2nd Janet Schofield
3rd Dawn Weaver
VHC Carol Baker
C Shiona Fosh


Hidden depths

1st Denise Hubbard
2nd Janet Schofield
3rd Gill Jackson
VHC Rita Roberts
C Louise Jones



1st Louise Jones
2nd Dawn Weaver
3rd Rita Roberts
VHC Heather Bateson
HC Zipora Whyman


It’ll Come in Handy

1st Eleanor Griffiths
2nd Alison Harvey
3rd Gill Davies
VHC June Stanley
HC Carole Chia
HC Mary Moss
C Anne Russell



1st Ingrid Sidall
2nd Dorothy Monks
3rd Lorraine Dorsett
VHC Mavis Wilkinson
HC Debbie Davies
HC Carole Chia
C Colette Dunkley


Concoction – still life class

1st Jenny Williams
2nd Carol Baker
3rd Janet Schofield
HC Joan Quinland
C Dorothy Monks


3D – craft class

1st Joan Wilkinson
2nd Ann France
3rd Carol Baker
VHC Gill Davies
HC Rita Roberts


Defying Gravity – virtual class

Gold – Pritesh Shah (Kenya)
Silver – Priya Shah (Kenya)
Bronze – Janet Schofield (Cheshire)
Bronze – Joan McBurney (Yorkshire)
Very highly commended – Liz Broad (North West)
Highly commended – Sue Mansfield (Cheshire)